Almirante De La Mar Océano Cristóbal Colón Scholarship

Sponsored by the Order of the Founders of North America


This contest is open to all students who US citizens or permanent residents, and who are in their junior (11th Grade) or senior year (12th Grade) attending public, parochial, or private (including accredited home schools) high school during the contest year. Only one entry per student is permitted per contest year. The contest winner is prohibited from participating in following years’ contests.


The scholarship contest is for an original researched topic written in English. The topic of the essay shall be:

“The Benefit to History Stemming from the European Colonization of North America.”

The essay must have five parts: A) a title page, B) essay pages, C) bibliography, D) contestant’s biography, and E) most recent school transcript showing GPA. These four parts must be on separate pages. The contestant’s name may only appear on the title page. No reference to the contestant’s name may be part of the essay pages, bibliography or biography. Submissions that do not conform to the rules may be immediately disqualified.

The title page must include the title of the essay, contestant’s name, address, telephone number, email address, and word count. In addition, the title page must include the name, address, and telephone number of the high school in which the contestant is enrolled, and the contestant’s grade level.

The essay pages must have a minimum of 500 words and not exceed 700 words (excluding title page, footnotes, bibliography, and biography). The first page of the essay must include the title of the essay. (The contestant name must NOT appear on these pages as they are separated from the title page and distributed to the judges for grading to prevent possible grading bias). The essay must conform to the MLA style guidelines, be typed double-spaced, and no bindings, special covers or graphics are permitted. The essay must be written entirely by the contestant, and no part may be plagiarized, or the essay will be immediately disqualified. The bibliography may contain references from the Internet, but must contain at least three non-Internet references.

The contestant’s biography is limited to one page. Topics to be included in the biography are academic awards and achievements, school activities, community activities, hobbies, and plans for college.

NOTE: The contest committee requires the electronic submission of the essay. The submission must be in Portable Document Format (.pdf).


The Grand Viscount General of the Order of the Founders of North America shall appoint three judges from the membership of the Order of the Founders of North America. The Scholarship Committee Chairman shall provide the essays (NOT including the title page) to the judges, and shall not disclose the names of the contestants to the judges until the winner is selected by the judges.

Essays which meet the requirements above will be accepted and judged equally on the following criteria:

  • Content supporting the goals of the Order of the Founders of North America (40%)
  • Clarity of thought (20%)
  • Organization (20%)
  • Grammar and spelling (20%)

In the event of a tie, the biography page and GPA will be judged to break the tie.

Participants in this contest agree that the interpretation of rules and decisions of the Order of the Founders of North America and its judges must govern without reservation, and that the decision of the judges is final.


All submissions must be in the hands of the Scholarship Contest Chairman by June 1st. E-mail submissions must be received by the chairman by the deadline.

The Scholarship Contest Chairman will notify the winner by early July, and with send an acknowledgement of participation for the other contestants. The winning essay will be published in the Order of the Founders of North America newsletter.


The scholarship is a monetary award and will be distributed as follows:

1. the winner of the scholarship contest will receive $550
2. the second place contestant will receive $300 and
3. the third place contestant will receive $150.


The winning essay will be submitted for publication in the Order of the Founders of North America newsletter. Participants in this contest agree that their essay may be published in the Order of the Founders of North America newsletter, and on the Order of the Founders of North America website.


Questions regarding specific rules, and essay submissions may be directed to the Scholarship Contest Chair:

Mrs. Karen Dodd