Our History

A need was recognized for an organization which would honor our forefathers whose determination and courage led to the exploration, founding, and settlement of North America. There were organizations who covered the United States during this time period but no one organization that encompassed the entire New World. There was a void before 1607, and this group will seek those with English, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, and French ancestors, etc. who played a part in the founding of North America. This will include those who:

  • Descend from Royalty in England, Spain, France, Sweden, Portugal and Holland;
  • Descend from the Explorers like Christopher Columbus, Hernando De Soto, etc., and
  • Descend from those settling in North America between 1492-1692.

In 2012, the idea took hold and a group of interested individuals began the process of constructing a framework for this organization. The first steps were written. An organizational meeting was held on July 08, 2012 in Phoenix, during the meeting of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. At this meeting the Bylaws for the organization determined, chartering officers were elected, and the mechanisms of membership and governance were defined and implemented.

The Order of the Founders of North America is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization operating under the IRS foundation code 509(a)(2).